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Posted by Helen Bennett | October 13, 2017

13th October 2017 by Helen Bennett

Yesterday I was up in windy Dunbar, Scotland to present Human Reality's first ever award for the first ever 100% scored on their Mystery Golfer Programme.

I had read all the reports that this golf club have received over the years and I had a picture in my mind of what it would be like.  How wrong could I be!  I was met with a somewhat tired looking buidling that had been battered mercilessly by the awesome but wild sea that it faces.  Inside, the club had seen better days.

However, from the moment I stepped out of the taxi to the moment I left, I was greeted so warmly by all the staff, members and visitors I met.  Smiling faces, staff eager to help, members wanting a chat and a club totally at ease with itself in its modest and humble 19th hole.

It was a magnificent reminder and proved that whilst having a fabulous clubhouse with all the ameneties this would provide, that it will never be as important as the people and the service they give.

I was at pains to let the staff know that it was purely down to them and the service they gave that ensured the club achieved that score.  They had to get 88 separate standards right and that is not easy.

The club is soon to undergo extensive development with a new clubhouse.  After this, I would not be surprised if Dunbar becomes one of the most sought after memberships.

It deserves it.   

Well done Dunbar GC and their wonderful team!

I say out with the emphasis on fancy pants buildings and decor - long live great customer service!

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